Registered CIO No: 1166193 


We Are Fio...

Fio is a Cardiff-based theatre company working across the UK and internationally, bringing world class socio-political stories to local audiences. 

Fio makes theatre that celebrates individuality, tearing down stereotypes and offering everybody – whatever their story – a chance to make their mark in the world...

Fio creates creative projects with people of all ages, religions and backgrounds, using performance techniques to help them tell stories that are as momentous and unique as they are themselves. We place the values Belong, Create and Grow at the heart of Fio and work across three strands: Productions, Projects and People.


Fio wants to diversify the sector and regardless of background and ability give everyone the chance to engage with theatre and performance and in turn develop their own practice and career.

Please feel free to get in touch with us with any feedback about our productions and projects, or to see how you can get involved with the ongoing work at Fio:

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