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Working with schools, communities and businesses, we create projects that push the boundaries of our here and now. We develop programmes that explore our values today, whilst facing the challenges that shape our future.


Fio in India - Resonate R&D

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Fio took 4 emerging/mid-career Welsh artists (poetry, music and performing arts) to Mumbai, India where they worked with 3 Indian artists (music, dance).  The residency was a chance for the artists to share practice and create work in response to the theme of Displacement.  The second part of the project will see the Indian artists visit Wales and spend some time further developing the work and sharing this at Green Man Festival.



Fio’s brand new Artist Development Programme. Fio believes that for far too long in Wales our cultural sector has spoken with one voice. A voice that many in Wales do not recognise or identify with. Fio wishes to recognise new/different/ diverse voices in Wales that are tired of being spoken for, Wales is a diverse nation, and Fio wishes to give a podium for Different Voices/ New Voices / Diverse Voices to speak.  The Project culminated with 15 theatre artists creating 3 new work in progress pieces performed in the Sherman Studio. 

Participatory Arts Training

We offer training opportunities through our Participatory Artists Training. This programme is industry recognised and has been delivered in Cardiff and London. 

Next Programme:

Summer 2018 - exact dates will be announced in due course.

Fio at the Senedd - an event creating discussions around to Race in Wales

Project Fio

Project Fio aims to encourage the participation in theatre and the performing arts of young people from a diverse range of backgrounds and communities. 

Youth Theatres


Fio offer regular youth theatre programmes in the following locations: