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Fio works with schools, communities and businesses. We create projects that push the boundaries of our here and now. We develop programmes that explore our values today, whilst facing the challenges that shape our future. We work with those in our local, national and global communities.


Resonate 2017/18 - Fio in India

Fio took 4 emerging/mid-career Welsh artists (poetry, music and performing arts) to Mumbai, India where they worked with 3 Indian artists (music, dance).  The residency was a chance for the artists to share practice and create work in response to the theme of Displacement.  The second part of the project saw Indian artists work with Welsh and English Artists to further develop the work to present at the Green Man Festival 2018.


Prison workshops

Fio offers workshops and residencies to prisons and pupil referral units. We believe everyone has the right to experience and participate in culture. We also believe in the transformative and rehabilitating power of the arts, the potential for it to have life changing impact on those who engage.

Prison Work

Outcome of Prison Work at HMP Parc

We have also taken productions or elements of our productions to the prison estate across Wales, delivering one-off workshops and taken up long term residencies. We have worked in Parc, Cardiff and Usk, with future projects planned with HMP Swansea. Our partnership work Fio with HM Prison Parc, led to an Arts and Business Award in 2017.

The Award was pretty cool!

The Award was pretty cool!

Prison work in more detail……..

In 2016, Fio’s AD and Ahmed Hassan (local poet) run a programme of workshops in Parc for Hay in the Parc specifically aimed at the BAME Prison population. Also in 2016, The Mountaintop stars Alexandria Riley and Mensah Bediako took part of the show into Parc, performing and in turn facilitating conversations around race and equality.

In 2017, Abdul Shayek (Fio’s AD) and Rebecca Carrie (star of tour of The Mountaintop), as well as local poet Hassan Panero, spent a week in HMP Parc with a group of young inmates, delivering a workshop. Later on in 2018 during The Island tour, Joe Shire and Wela Mbusi (Stars of The Island), as well as Yuqun Fan (Trainee Assistant Director of The Island) and Abdul went to USK and Cardiff, performing elements of the show and leading conversations with prisoners.

Project Fio

Project Fio launched in 2013 aiming to diversify the range of young people who participate in theatre and performing arts. Encouraging them to explore and engage with theatre and performance activities and empower them with the initial skills, knowledge and support to enable further participation. The programme ran successfully for 3 years and worked with partners such as BBC Wales, Wales Millennium Centre, BAWSO and Tiger Bay Youth Development. It entailed a range of workshops and performances in Cardiff and London and trips to see work and be part of festivals such as Afrovibes and RawFfest. Our first ever production ‘Swarm’ was born in a Project Fio workshop!

Fio Summer Schools: London

Fio partnered with the University of East London in the Summer of 2017 to deliver a Fio London summer school, using a set of values similar to Project Fio, culminating in a performance for invited audience.

A series of photographs from our all-singing, all-dancing, free London Summer school, which we will be launching again in the near future!


2017 London Summer School Engagement

Demographic of all participants of our London Summer School 2017

Project Fusion

Fio launched Project Fusion in 2016, a female only space where personal, social and global issues effecting young women from a variety of backgrounds were explored. The initial project was a partnership with Mess up the Mess Theatre Company bringing young women from rural Ammanford together with those from Butetown, this culminated in a performance at Fio’s launch event. We followed this up with a further iteration during our production of Death and Maiden, with the group created a curtain raiser exploring a range of issues including #MeToo and consensual vs non-consensual.

Or if you are techno-savvy, you can support us here by scanning our QR code!

Or if you are techno-savvy, you can support us here by scanning our QR code!