Previous Productions

Life Support

Devised show about the impact of social media and the digital world on our lives, especially young people.
Performed in Weston Studio November 2014.


Devised short film about the impact of the Olympics to local young living in Stratford London. Following the journey of a £5 note we gain an short insight into the people’s lives who receive and pass it on.
Premiered at BFI in 2010.

White Riot

Written by Natalie Mitchell, a professional production exploring football hooliganism. The tribal nature and the sense of identity it provides, the class divides that exist in football and how difficult it can be to try and leave this world behind.
Performed at the Space, Docklands and then at the Barking Broadway Theatre.

Life on the Praca Roosevelt (R&D)

A research and development of a play about a Sau Paulo community of drug dealers, transgender prostitutes, a gun factory owner, a bingo caller and a police officer looking for his son.
Written by Dea Loher.

Various other projects