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People make Fio. We help people bring the best out of themselves and in turn, out of others. Through training, mentoring and performance we collaborate to develop people who help tell great stories, share wonderful adventures and help shape their world and the world around them.


Fio’s Artist Development Programme

Fio believes that for far too long in Wales our cultural sector has spoken with one voice. A voice that many in Wales do not recognise or identify with. Fio wishes to recognise new/different/diverse voices in Wales that are tired of being spoken for. Wales is a diverse nation and Fio wishes to give a platform for Different Voices/ New Voices / Diverse Voices to speak.  This is our Declaration! This Artist development programme combined masterclasses, opportunities to develop new work which culminated with 15 theatre artists creating 3 new pieces, which were performed in the Sherman Studio.  Leading to a number of opportunities for the participants, including with BBC Writers Room.

Prison workshops

Fio offers workshops workshops and residencies to prisons and pupil referral units. We believe everyone has the right to experience and participate in culture. We also believe in the transformative and rehabilitating power of the arts, the potential for it to have life changing impact on those who engage. Our work in prisons has seen us take productions to the prison estate across Wales, deliver one off workshops and take up residencies. We have worked in Parc, Cardiff and Usk, with future projects planned for Swansea. For the partnership work Fio did with HM Prison Parc, Fio was awarded an Arts and Business Award.


In 2017, Abdul Shayek (Artistic Director of Fio) and Rebecca Carrie (star of The Mountaintop), as well as local poet Hassan Panero, spent a week in HMP Parc with a group of young inmates, delivering a workshop.

Prison Work

Outcome of Prison Work at HMP Parc

Fio then went on to recreate this work and success in 2018 during The Island tour, where Joe Shire and Wela Mbusi (Stars of The Island), Yuqun Fan (Assistant Director of The Island) and Abdul Shayek (Artistic Director at Fio) went to USK and Cardiff, performing elements of the show and leading conversations with prisoners.

Training & Working with us

We offer training opportunities through our Participatory Artists Training Programme, which has been delivered in Cardiff and London.  We are looking to provide a more comprehensive and wider offer for 2017. You can also find out how to get involved with the ongoing work we're doing at Fio here.

Meet the Team

Meet the creative team behind Fio, our roster of associate artists and our board of trustees.