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People make Fio. We invest in people. Always.

Fio is committed to ensuring that every single barrier that anyone faces in accessing the creative arts industry is broken. We continually offer arts training, traineeships and mentoring for a range of creative individuals, whether you are an aspiring performer, keen techie or just curious to find out!


Fio’s Artist Development Programme

Fio believes that for far too long in Wales our cultural sector has spoken with one voice. A voice that many in Wales do not recognise or identify with. Fio wishes to recognise new/different/diverse voices in Wales that are tired of being spoken for. Wales is a diverse nation and Fio wishes to give a platform for Different Voices/ New Voices / Diverse Voices to speak.  This is our Declaration! This Artist development programme combined masterclasses, opportunities to develop new work which culminated with 15 theatre artists creating 3 new pieces, which were performed in the Sherman Studio.  Leading to a number of opportunities for the participants, including with BBC Writers Room.

Our Traineeships

Most recently, Fio launched four traineeships for its UK tour of The Island, these were in response to previously successful trainee roles on our productions Swarm and The Mountaintop. The Island roles included trainee assistant producer, trainee assistant director, trainee assistant stage manager and trainee young peoples producer. Our trainee producer is now working with Fio and all of our trainees are now part of the Fio family!

Trainee Assistant Producer Applications

Trainee Assistant Director Applications

Participatory Arts Training

Our 3-day sector recognised training has been delivered in both Cardiff and London. The training allows for those already working in or interested in developing skills to lead and deliver creative projects in schools, communities, prisons and with vulnerable groups. The programme develops soft skills such as confidence, self esteem, team work and creative problem solving, as well as arming trainees with knowledge and harder skills such as project management and funding, child protection, health and safety and how to operate as a freelancer.  Our training often has on the job placements on live Fio projects.

Applicants for 2017 Training

Demographic of our 2017 Applicants

Our most recent participatory arts training scheme attracted a huge array of local talent!

For more information on our Participatory Arts Training Scheme, please look at Fio’s Archives.

“Fun, very interactive and useful, Fio like to mix it up with games, as well as practical information in these sessions. Extremely useful and super relevant for what I want to do!” - 2017 Trainee

Training & Working with us

We offer training opportunities through our Participatory Artists Training Programme, which has been delivered in Cardiff and London.  We are looking to provide a more comprehensive and wider offer for 2017. You can also find out how to get involved with the ongoing work we're doing at Fio here.

Or if you are lucky enough to have a fancy QR code, you can donate here!

Or if you are lucky enough to have a fancy QR code, you can donate here!