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Declaration is a project run by Fio to discover and support new voices for the stages of Wales and beyond. It is a development and creation programme that will bring artists together and give them time, support and space to create new ideas and create the work they would like to see.  

For too long in Wales, we have been faced with a lack of diversity in both the stories we tell and those who get to tell those stories.  As a solution-focused arts charity, we want to change that. We know there is no one solution but we hope to be part of and instigators of much-needed change.

Recent events have proved to us that change is needed here in Wales from the Aberaeron Carnival to Cardiff University to the Music Theatre Wales' production of The Golden Dragon, there are clearly conversations we need to be having both creatively and socially as a nation. We understand that race and ethnicity is not the only barrier faced by those trying to create work and we wish to create a new programme that recognises any barrier faced by those wanting to create live work.

We are embarking on a new project, Declaration, which will identify, nurture and develop both unheard voices and championing those existing artists who have yet not had the exposure or recognition they deserve. We will bring together artists at all levels of their career to create new work. Share experiences and promote a more diverse and representative performance culture. A chance for a collection of artists to come together learn, develop and create.

Over the past 2 years of working in Wales, we have worked with a network of diverse artists whom we wish to grow and support whilst identifying new talent and underrepresented voices.  

We also wish to take time and space for us to meet new people as well as promote and support the work of other organisations and individuals who share our common aim.  We would also like to signpost these artists to other more resourced organisations who can support further development of the ideas and artists.

We will support minority voices and underrepresented people. We want to tell new stories and offer new opportunities for people who feel unheard. We want the next generation to see their faces and their stories on our stages. We wish to create new narratives that represent now and the experiences of all people.

This is our Declaration. 

Declaration will begin on February 5th and run no later than February 24th. 


5th - 10th February - FREE Masterclasses for Participants and Creation of Ideas (All Participants)

12th - 17th February - Script Creation Week (Writers Only) 

19th - 24th February - Creation Week (Actors and Directors)

Participants will receive a week of FREE masterclasses as well as receiving £400 for the creation week. 

The Declaration participants will receive a week of masterclasses and exploration of their ideas. Following this they will then work together in core companies selected by Fio. These companies will then work to produce a 10 minute showing of live performance, expected to be theatre based, to invited delegates, representatives and leaders of industry. We would hope that this opportunity will lead to future partnerships with organisations or those that can give the project a future life or development path. The purpose of the programme is to give artists the space to be artists. A chance to work on an idea that means something to them and works that are very much rooted in the now. It is a project about visibility and voices coming together to make themselves heard. 

The participants are not creating work for Fio. They are only creating for themselves in a safe, structured and supported way and we believe this will allow for the best work to flourish and for the participants to gain the most valuable development. 




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— Fio

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We offer training opportunities through our Participatory Artists Training Programme, which has been delivered in Cardiff and London.

Cardiff 2013/14 (as YOCA)

Cardiff 2015/16

London 2015 in partnership with University of East London