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Death and The Maiden

Fio Presents Death and The Maiden

Written by Ariel Dorfman and directed by Abdul Shayek.


Olivier award-winning play, Death And The Maiden, tells the thrilling story of Paulina Salas, a torture victim of a brutal military dictatorship.

Ariel Dorfman's spectacular thriller confronts an audience's understanding of the nature of truth and honesty, begging an answer to the question of whether democracy can ever truly heal the wounds of dictatorship. Presented with the view that this could be anywhere and everywhere. With a diverse cast of performers with heritage or connections to places in the world where military and authoritarian dictatorships have been or are still in control.

When I heard his voice, I thought the only thing I want is to have him raped, have someone f*** him, that’s what I thought
— Paulina Salas, in Ariel Dorfman's 'Death and the Maiden'