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Death and The Maiden

Fio Presents Death and The Maiden

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We are returning to The Other Room! 

31st October - 10th November 

Olivier award-winning play Death And The Maiden tells the thrilling story of Paulina Salas, a torture victim of a brutal military dictatorship. 

Paulina is full of fear, gripped by a secret terror that she only shares with her husband, Gerardo. One night, a kindly stranger, Dr Miranda, arrives at their door late at night unannounced, forcing Paulina to confront her deepest fears face-to-face.

Ariel Dorfman's spectacular thriller confronts an audience's understanding of the nature of truth and honesty, begging an answer to the question of whether democracy can ever truly heal the wounds of dictatorship.

‘When I heard his voice, I thought the only thing I want is to have him raped, have someone f*** him, that’s what I thought’
— Paulina Salas - Death and The Maiden


Paulina Salas

Lisa Zahra

Gerardo Salas

Vinta Morgan

Roberto Miranda

Pradeep Jey



Ariel Dorfman


Abdul Shayek


Shane Nickels


Amy Jane Cook

Lighting Designer

Ciarán Cunningham 

Sound Designer

Dan Lawrence

stage manager 

Halla Káradóttir

Assistant Producer

Danny Muir

Education Officer

Amy Morgan