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Final Film School Breakdown by Two Sisters

blog post written by judy li

School is starting again for young people this week. But before then, we kindly asked two sisters Alisha and Alina, who spent the full 3 weeks with us, to write a final blog post to summarise their experience this summer.

From L-R: Alina, Alisha

From L-R: Alina, Alisha

Here’s what they had to say:


Alisha, 14.

Hi, I’m Alisha and I am 14. I have really enjoyed the film school this summer and will miss it very much. I was able to make new friends and meet new people that can help me get into the film industry when I’m older. I have also learnt lots of new skills to help me film movies on my own and with a small group. The past three weeks were enjoyable, and I feel as though I had a key role in the making of the film, everyone was included and got to do the roles they wanted which made the process fair and easy for everyone. The only challenges I can think of with the film school was filming in different locations as we spent most of the time trying to get there, we then had problems with the weather which slowed down the filming process a bit. Although this, we had plenty of time to create ideas and write an amazing script which is light-hearted but still brings an important message, I helped in the writing of the script and am very proud of the outcome. Lastly, I would definitely recommend the film school to anyone who is looking to get into the industry because you meet lots of different people with different jobs in the filmmaking process, who give you tips and tricks to help gain your own style of filming/editing/acting. 

Photography Credit: Wshear Wali


Alina, 12.

I enjoyed the film school because it was fun making new friends and learning more about the making of films. My favourite part was learning about the actors, making the film and all the fun games we played. The things that challenged me most were learning my lines, teamwork and trying to stay focused. I definitely would recommend this workshop to friends and family and I would also come again. Thank you Fio, I had a lovely time - going to miss it!

Major thanks to Alisha and Alina for providing us with their final thoughts! Fio have been missing Film Summer School ever since it finished but fear not - we will be resuming our after-school sessions this coming Autumn with our newly designed programme.

Our first session begins on 4th October.

This time, we will be running two sessions for two age groups every Friday at East Moors Youth Centre, Splott. Join us as we continue to transform the space at East Moors!


Interested? Drop us a line at or simply just turn up.

Remember to share with your friends and family who you think would be interested - we’ll be inviting some special guests in to facilitate and share their experience.

Until then, take care!

Fio Team

Abdul Shayek