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Mountaintop Touring Dates + More Fio News!

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The Mountaintop

We are off on tour!


Our producer, Shane Nickels, gives his view on The Mountaintop;

"On Monday I had the pleasure of sitting in and hearing a read through of one of my favourite scripts I have ever read: Katori Hall’s The Mountaintop.

It was just over two years ago I received a call from Alan asking me if I wanted to co-produce the next Fio production as Alan was marrying the rather wonderful actress Laura Jeffs. Later that night Abdul sent me the script. For the first time I read a script cover to cover without a moment's pause. I was gripped and I knew there was no question in my mind about taking the job. I had to be involved. I have to admit I don’t think I was fully prepared for what the next two years of my life would become. I don’t think I was fully prepared for the journey, the challenges and the things I would come to realise about the industry I worked in and the nation I lived in.

I never thought I would hear somebody say the play wasn’t right for their area because ‘there aren’t many brown faces around here’; I never knew how few actors of colour we had in Wales and how few were represented by the agents of Wales; I had never truly seen how white the stories we tell in Wales are and I realised that wasn’t good enough. How could I be so ignorant of a problem so clear to those who very rarely see their stories on stage in Wales? How had a creative culture grown in Wales that didn’t truly reflect its people and why the fuck did four men just black up at a carnival and win best float.

The Mountaintop goes out on tour and it is definitely a play about right now. Although it may be set in 1968 it speaks of the same fight people are fighting everyday both on our doorstep and globally. Martin Luther King tells us ‘I still have so much work to do’. We all do. Yet that’s not my quite favourite line in the play i’ve always felt Camae says it better:

‘fuck the white man, I said fuck him.’

Came, The Mountaintop                             

That line has stayed with me since I read it. He does not represent. He fails me and he fails you. Every theatre, every boardroom and every story we tell is better when ‘the white man’ is not the norm or even the majority. We must change this narrative. We must expose the hidden white supremacy that exists in the stories we choose to tell. The stories we fund. The stories we watch.

The Mountaintop is a fantastic show, it’s powerful, it’s emotive, it’s relevant and it needs to be seen. I urge you to watch it for so many reasons but mainly because you won’t regret it.

Catch it while you can. It’s so very hard in Wales for a show to have an extended life after a national tour. Theatre is a subsidised industry. We have been very fortunate to be supported by the the Arts Council of Wales and Creu Cymru to make this show happen and our venues that programmed us want to see change in the stories being told. But, ultimately it is audiences who will decide when change will happen. We at Fio will continue to tell stories and to diversify the arts in Wales and beyond!"

The Mountaintop is Touring Wales in October as part of Black History Month celebrations:

3rd October - Powys Dance, Llandrindod Wells

5th October - UWTSD, Halliwell Theatre, Carmarthen

7th October - Span Arts, Llanddewi Velfrey

11th - 13th October - Blackwood Miners Institute

18th & 19th October - Riverfront, Newport

24th October - Pontio, Bangor

26th & 27th October - Ffwrnes Theatrau Sir Gâr, Llanelli

We kick off the tour with a Racial Awareness Event at the Senedd on the 2nd of October. This free event will aim to bring people together to have a voice, to have conversations, and to continue to break down the barriers that are unfortunately still very prevalent in Wales.

Location: National Assembly of Wales

Date: Monday 2nd October




"We finished our 2017 run of Swarm in Porth at the end of July, working alongside ArtWorks Valleys Kids, supported by Rhondda Cynon Taff Council and the Big Lottery.  A sold-out crowd braved the weather and took part in this important work, an immersive theatre piece examining the refugee crisis which attempts to put the audience in the shoes of a refugee.

This isn't the end of Swarm - we're currently exploring ways of taking it to other venues throughout the UK, so if you're interested or would like any more information, e-mail”

Death and the Maiden



We are returning to The Other Room!

31st October - 11th November

Olivier award-winning play Death And The Maiden tells the thrilling story of Paulina Salas, a torture victim of a brutal military dictatorship.

Paulina is full of fear, gripped by a secret terror that she only shares with her husband, Gerardo. One night, a kindly stranger, Dr Miranda, arrives at their door late at night unannounced, forcing Paulin to confront her deepest fears face-to-face.

Ariel Dorfman's spectacular thriller confronts an audience's understanding of the nature of truth and honesty, begging an answer to the question of whether democracy can ever truly heal the wounds of dictatorship.

The Orchard of Lost Souls R&D


Fio is currently adapting the novel by the Somali-British author Nadifa Mohamed (A Granta Best Young British Novelist), ‘The Orchard of Lost Souls’ tells the story of the civil war breaking out in Somalia through the eyes of three women: a nine-year-old orphan, a widower and a female soldier. The Novel has been described as ‘Compelling’ Daily Telegraph and 'A complex history [that] is often deftly sketched’ - The Guardian

The Orchard of Lost Souls is a 3-hander Research and Development piece. It has already been shared at The Yard as part of the First Drafts Programme in August. The second sharing is taking place in Manchester at Royal Exchange Theatre (Swan St) and the final sharing will be in Cardiff on the 2nd February.  The Orchard of Lost Souls R&D is directed by Abdul Shayek and the script is written by Yusra Warsama.

Fio is heading to India

Resonate R&D: An artistic exchange between Indian and Welsh Artists

Fio will bring together 8 emerging/mid-career artists, four from India and four from Wales from poetry, music and performing arts backgrounds. It will be the first time the Welsh artists visit India in a professional capacity, this exchange includes a residency phase followed by peer-sharing of the work in progress piece. The artists will devise an innovative piece of performance, by working together and share their different artistic practice and skills.

The Indian residency will culminate in a sharing at the Europe Asia Roundtable Sessions (EARS) hosted by our partners, The Mumbai Assembly. The work will also be shared in a number of venues such as Lost the Plot and TIFA in Pune and Studio Tamaasha in Mumbai.

Win two tickets for The Mountaintop on tour!

Location: National Assembly of Wales
Date: Monday 2nd October
Time: 12:30 - 16:00

To kick off our tour of The Mountaintop across Wales and to celebrate Black History Month, Fio are hosting a special event at the Senedd. We are bringing people together to be a voice, to have conversations, and to continue to break down the barriers that are unfortunately still very prevalent in Wales. Join us at the Senedd and be in with a chance to win two tickets for The Mountaintop. RSVP here.


The Mountaintop

Rydyn ni’n mynd ar daith!


Ein cynhyrchydd, Shane Nickels, sydd yn ymateb i The Mountaintop;

"Ar Ddydd Llun cefais i’r pleser o eistedd a gwrando ar ddarlleniad o un o’r sgriptiau gorau imi erioed eu darllen: The Mountaintop gan Katori Hall.

Ychydig dros ddwy flynedd yn ôl y derbyniais i’r alwad ffon gan Alan yn holi a fyddai gen i ddiddordeb i gyd-gynhyrchu cynhyrchiad nesaf Fio, gan y byddai Alan yn brysur yn paratoi at briodi’r actores arbennig Laura Jeffs. Anfonodd Abdul y sgript ataf yn ddiweddarach y noson honno. Am y tro cyntaf erioed darllenais sgript o glawr i glawr heb oedi am eiliad. Roeth y gwaith wedi cydio ynof a doedd dim amheuaeth yn fy meddwl ynglun ag ymgymryd â’r gwaith – doedd dim dewis gen i ond bod yn rhan o’r cynhyrchiad. Mae’n rhaid i mi gyfaddef, fodd bynnag, nad oeddwn i wedi llawn sylweddoli ar yr adeg honno yr hyn oedd yn mynd i fod yn fy ngwynebu dros y ddwy flynedd oedd i ddod – y siwrne hir oedd o’n blaenau, yr holl heriau, a’r pethau y byddwn yn eu dysgu am y diwydiant a’r genedl dwi’n rhan ohoni.

Ni ddychmygais erioed y byddwn i’n clywed rhywun yn dweud bod y ddrama’n anaddas ar gyfer ei hardal nhw oherwydd bod ‘dim llawer o wynebau brown o amgylch fan hyn’; ni wyddwn bod cyn lleied o actorion croendywyll yng Nghymru, a chyn lleied yn cael eu cynrychioli gan asiantau Cymru, a doeddwn i ddim wedi ystyried mewn gwirionedd pa mor wyn yw’r straeon sy’n cael eu hadrodd yng Nghymru. Sylweddolais pa mor annigonol oedd fy nealltwriaeth o’r broblem hon. Sut lwyddais i i fod mor ddall i broblem sydd mor amlwg weledol i’r sawl sy’ braidd byth yn gweld eu straeon nhw ar lwyfannau Cymru? Sut lwyddodd diwylliant Creadigol Cymru dyfu i beidio cynrychioli ei phobl yn gywir, a sut ddiawl mae pedwar dyn wedi’u paentio’n ddu yn ennill gwobr am y fflôt gore mewn carnifal?

Mae ‘The Mountaintop’ yn mynd ar daith dros y misoedd nesaf, ac mae’n sicr yn ddrama am beth sy’n digwydd nawr. Er mai yn 1968 y mae’r ddrama wedi ei gosod, mae’n trafod yr un frwydr y mae pobl yn ei hymladd bob dydd yn 2017, yn lleol ac yn rhyngwladol. Dywed Martin Luther King, ‘I still have so much work to do.’ Ac mae hyn yn wir amdanom ni gyd heddiw. Ond nid dyna fy hoff linell yn y ddrama; mae honno’n perthyn i Camae:

‘fuck the white man, I said fuck him.’

Camae, The Mountaintop

Mae’r llinell honno wedi aros gyda mi ers i mi ei darllen am y tro cyntaf. Nid yw’r dyn gwyn yn cynrychioli unrhywun yn iawn. Mae pob theatr, pob penderfyniad pwysig a phob stori a adroddwn ar eu hennill pan nad ‘y dyn gwyn’ yw’r norm neu’r mwyafrif yn y sefyllfaoedd hynny. Mae’n rhaid i ni newid y naratif a datguddio’r hyn sy’n llechu o dan yr wyneb yn ein celfyddyd – goruchafiaeth y dyn gwyn. Gwelwn y goruchafiaeth hyn ar waith yn y straeon y penderfynwn eu hadrodd, y straeon y penderfynwn eu hariannu a’r straeon y penderfynwn eu gwylio.

Mae ‘The Mountaintop’ yn ddrama ysgubol; yn bŵerus, teimladwy a pherthnasol ac mae angen i bobl ei gwylio. Dwi’n erfyn arnoch i fynd i’w gweld am nifer enfawr o resymau, ond yn bennaf, am na fyddwch yn difaru.

Cerwch i’w gweld tra bod modd gwneud hynny. Mae mor anodd yng Nghymru i weld sioe yn cael bywyd estynedig ar ôl i daith ddod i ben. Diwydiant sy’n ddibynnol ar gymhorthdaliadau yw theatr. Buom yn ffodus iawn o dderbyn cymorth Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru a Creu Cymru i alluogi i’r sioe yma i weld golau dydd, ac mae’r theatrau sydd wedi ein cynnwys yn eu rhaglenni yn awyddus iawn i weld newid yn y straeon sydd yn cael eu hadrodd. Ond yn y pen draw, y gynulleidfa fydd yn penderfynu pryd ddaw’r newid hollbwysig. Bydd Fio yn parhau i ddweud straeon er mwyn dod ag amrywiaeth i’r celfyddydau yng Nghymru a thu hwnt!

Mae The Mountaintop yn teithio Cymru ym mis Hydref fel rhan o ddathliadau mis Hanes Pobl Dduon:

3ydd o Hydref – Dawns Powys, Llandrindod Wells

5ed o Hydref – PCYDDS, Theatr Halliwell, Caerfyrddin

7fed o Hydref – Celfyddydau Span , Arberth

11eg- 13eg o Hydref – Sefydliad Glowyr, Y Coed Duon

18fed a’r 19eg o Hydref – Glan-yr-afon, Casnewydd

24ain o Hydref – Pontio, Bangor

26ain a’r 27ain o Hydref – Ffwrnes Llanelli

Byddwn yn dechrau y daith gyda digwyddiad Ymwybyddiaeth Hil yn y Senedd ar yr 2il o Hydref. Bydd y digwyddiad am ddim yma yn dod â phobl at ei gilydd i gael llais, sgyrsiau ac i dorri rhwystrau sydd yn anffodus dal yn bodoli yng Nghymru.

Lleoliad: Senedd Llywodraeth Cymru

Dyddiad: Dydd Llun 2il o Hydref

Amser: 12.30 - 16.00

RSVP yn hanfodol



Gorffenom rhediad 2017 o Swarm ym Mhorth ar ddiwedd Gorffennaf, gan weithio gyda ArtWorks Plant y Cymoedd, gyda chefnogaeth gan gyngor Rhondda Cynon Taf a’r Loteri Fawr. Gwerthwyd pob tocyn, ac er gwaetha’r tywydd, daeth tyrfa fawr i gymryd rhan yn y gwaith pwysig hwn, darn o theatr sy’n cynnwys y gynulleidfa. Archwilir argyfwng y ffoaduriaid trwy geisio cael y gynulleidfa i ddeall safbwynt a sefyllfa ffoadur.

Nid dyma ddiwedd Swarm, rydyn ni wrthi’n edrych ar ffyrdd o fynd â’r gwaith i leoliadau eraill ar draws Prydain, felly os oes gennych ddiddordeb neu’n awyddus i dderbyn rhagor o wybodaeth, ebostiwch

Death and the Maiden

Rydym yn dychwelyd i The Other Room!

31ain Hydref - 11eg o Dachwedd

Drama wobrwyol yn yr Olivier Awards, mae Death and the Maiden yn adrodd stori Paulina Salas, dioddefwraig artaith o fewn unbennaeth milwrol creulon.

Mae drama gyffrous Ariel Dorfman yn gwynebu dealltwiraeth y gynulleidfa o natur y gwir a gonestrwydd, yn gofyn am atebion i’r cwestiwn os yw democratiaeth yn gallu gwella clwy unbennaeth.

Ymchwil a Datblygu The Orchard of Lost Souls


Mae Fio wrthi yn addasu nofel awdur Somali-Prydeinig Nadifa Mohamed, sydd yn adrodd stori rhyfel cartref yn Somalia trwy lygaid tair merch: plentyn amddifad 9 oed, gweddw a milwr benywaidd.  Cafodd y nofel ei disgfrifio fel ‘Compelling’ gan The Daily Telegraph a 'A complex history [that] is often deftly sketched’ - The Guardian. Mae cyfnod ymchwil Orchard of Lost Souls yn cael ei gyfarwyddo gan Abdul Shayek a’r sgrip wedi ei ysgrifennu gan Yusra Warsama.

Fio yn anelu am India

Bydd Fio yn dod â 8 artist newydd/canol-gyrfa at ei gilydd; pedwar o India a phedwar o Gymru o gefndiroedd barddoniaeth, cerddoriaeth a pherfformio’r celfyddydau. Bydd yr artistiaid yn dyfeisio darn perfformio arloesol, gan weithio gyda’i gilydd a rhannu eu gwahanol ymarferion artistig a sgiliau.

Enillwch ddau docyn i The Mountaintop ar daith!

Lleoliad: Senedd Llywodraeth Cymru

Dyddiad: 2il o Hydref

I lawnsio taith the Mountaintop, cynhelir digwyddiad arbennig gan Fio yn senedd Cymru er mwyn dathlu Mis Hanes Pobl Dduon, ynghyd â dechrau ein taith o The Mountaintop ar hyd a lled Cymru. Gobeithiwn ddod â phobl ynghyd i ddweud eu dweud, i gynnal trafodaeth a goresgyn y rhwystrau sydd, yn anffodus, yn parhau i fodoli yng Nghymru.

Dewch i’r digwyddiad am eich cyfle i ennill dau docyn i The Mountaintop ar daith.