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Fio Archive

Participatory Arts Training 2013 onwards

Fio believes in development. Always.

That’s why we started to implement our Participatory Arts Training Schemes a whole-went-too-fast-where-did-the-time-go six years ago. We offered training opportunities through our industry recognised Participatory Artist Training Programme, which has been delivered to great effect in Cardiff and London over the past few years.

Before Fio, there was YOCA..

Started in 2005 in London by Artistic Director, Abdul Shayek, YOCA embodied all the same values as Fio does now. YOCA produced a variety of projects and productions, investing heavily in the community it worked and engaged with, in the ten years it was running before evolving into Fio. Productions include ‘White Riot’ by Natalie Mitchell, YOCA short film, ‘Fiver’, which premiered at British Film Institute and ‘Life on the Praca Roosevelt’ by Dea Loher.